Imma let you finish, but this is the best fandom car in all the land.

Dear person,

Marry me.

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i rescued one of your Hunger Games flyers from the rain and now it's sitting safe and secure in my dorm and i'm going to keep it forever and sorry i'm not sorry
I hope you dont't mind me making a poster that plays off one of yours, I'll hopefully put it up tomorrow

Mind? Never. We’re quite excitedt!

Just make sure if you’re interested in submitting to read through the FAQ before doing so! :)

The Hunger Games | The College of Charleston | 10 February 2012


Sherlock / The College of Charleston (written on a stall of the second floor women’s bathroom in Maybank) / February 6th, 2012

Alright, lemme in on this. I can plaster College Lodge in anything from any fandom.
boinymph ASKED

We are glad for your enthusiasm, fellow fan, but beware! The whole reason dorms have been skipped over until now is because one needs approval from Residence Life to hang anything in there, and we don’t want to break any rules in our journey to spread fandom cheer. But please, hang fliers everywhere BUT dorms - bulletin boards in Robert Scott Smalls, Maybank, Bellsouth, telephone poles etc - and take pictures to send to us here.

Wow, so - influx of followers.

Hello, everyone! We’re glad to have you on board.

Submit, submit, submit, but first please read the FAQ.

Also, our ask box is always open.

Patiently awaiting The Hunger Games flyers. Please and thank you. :)

Keep an eye out this coming Friday. Not gonna say why. Just keep an eye out.

GAH, I've seen a couple of your fliers up on campus and I fell in love. Ish. But yea, I am excite for what you three have started and await your next moves while I plan some of my own. Mine will probably pertain to Homestuck or DW. Or anything that you've already pasted throughout the campus.

Lovely! We’re so excited to see the fruits of your efforts! Remember to take pictures and submit them here!

I also go to CofC! LET ME LOVE YOU.